5 States with the Largest Garment Factory in Nigeria

Have you ever wondered which state has the largest garment factory in Nigeria, or considered the origin of that fashionable shirt or elegant skirt you recently purchased? Chances are it originates from one of our thriving garment factories. Let’s talk about the question of which state houses the largest garment production facility in Nigeria.

Which state has the largest garment factory in Nigeria?

Kwara State: Proud home of the recently launched “Blacks Region” factory, with a remarkable capacity to create 2,000 jobs. It places a strong emphasis on producing high-quality, export-oriented clothing.

Cross River: The iconic Cross River Garment Factory in Calabar holds the title of “Largest in West Africa,” manufacturing a diverse range of garments for both local and international markets.

But there’s more to the story!

While Kwara and Cross River boast the crown for sheer size, the Nigerian garment industry is a dynamic tapestry woven from multiple threads. Lagos, Kano, and Ogun all showcase impressive garment production capabilities, each specializing in diverse areas such as uniforms, traditional wear, and contemporary fashion.

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